The questions remain. How did so many bombs get placed in the building without anyone noticing? Did the three teenagers found in a field have anything to do with it? They seemed to have had a great deal of knowledge about the shooting. Why did they say no bullies at Columbine? Why haven't the"third-gunman" reports received more attention? Why does the top investigator with the FBI have disturbing ties to Columbine and the shootings? Why were officers told not to talk? Why are some files "missing"? Did Klebold and Harris wear masks, or were other assailants wearing masks? What is to be made of the numerous timeline discrepancies? What happened to them on Jan 30, 1998? Who else knew? Why were Manes and Duran arrested and others not? There are even more questions and fewer answers...


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Youth Violence and Psych Drugs (Incident List) (topic)
Here is a list of youthful offenders whose notorious crimes seem to be as a result of prescription drug use. This list does not include all those acts of violence, less well publicized, that do not result in death nor all the suicides as...


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